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She's got it all figured out.

She knows her team can go faster. But not by working harder. By working less, and creating more! Every department. Scratch that. Departments? What are they???

All her sensors are up. They're fused. She can see through the fog of commercial ambiguity. Wow...buzzword bingo circa '23!

Last night she got off the Microsoft CoPilot live stream. Seriously amped. Then over breakfast, she caught the latest video from the All about AI channel on fusing GPT-4 with Midjourney 5. It reinforced her convictions. It stretched them.

These waves won't stop. Design/Build. Now two sides of the coin. Rapidly converging Generative AI tools, combined with a globally expanding explorer base, continuously feeding back new ways to do traditional things better, faster, cheaper.

And then there are the new new things. Industries and business ideas not yet invented. She know's she can't afford to waste time on speculation. Lack of insight is something to be cherished because she knows it means she's pushing the boundaries. But now, powered-up up on GenAI, and a team that knows how to harness it, she can reel in those boundaries. And push out towards new ones.

She's gotta shift the organisation now. She's gonna enable them to decide the direction, through their own combined insights. After all, management doesn't have a monopoly on great ideas.

And now she can test and try things out quickly and inexpensively. With minimal disruption to existing commitments. The key is to convince her organisation how close these new capabilities are. She's spent the last couple of days priming GPT-4. Now she's priming her team. But that's not her end goal. Nope, she wants to create a culture where they become the primers. To be priming her on the art of the possible.

She knows she's gonna have to re-wire the organisation with some new measurements. Old assumptions on tracking performance are fading fast. But her People & Culture team are already using GenAI to get ahead of the game.

There's also a rumbling. Something else is coming. Later in '23? Possibly.

Glasses? Advanced augmented reality, haptics...holographic business environments. This time for real. She reckons business productivity with go through the roof. By changing the definition of productivity.

And into unknown territory.

But that's where she's most comfortable. It's that strategic ambiguity thing. She parks it for now, and parks some Euros for that rainy day later in the year.

Back to reality. All her teams can now become Business Designers, almost overnight. She knows it's just getting started.

It's time to turn on the tap...

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