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Convincing Finance-led Boards to Consider GenAI Productivity Options

These two constraints provide an important context for generating ideas that can address the challenge:

  1. Finance-driven focus of the board and executive team.

  2. Limited understanding and mindset about rethinking organisational resources versus productivity, especially in the age of co-evolving generative AI and employee skills.

Let's explore ideas that can address these constraints and help shift the perspective towards more innovative uses of increased productivity. Here are three ideas for each constraint:

Finance-Driven Focus

  1. ROI-Focused Training Programs: Develop targeted training programs that clearly outline the return on investment (ROI) for training employees in new skills, particularly those that complement generative AI, making it easier for financially focused executives to see the value.

  2. Financial Dashboard for Innovation Spending: Create a dashboard that tracks spending on innovative projects and correlates these expenditures with increases in market reach and productivity, providing a clear visual of how strategic investments lead to financial returns.

  3. Cost-Benefit Analysis Tools for Resource Allocation: Implement analytical tools that automate the process of cost-benefit analysis for different resource allocation strategies, helping finance-driven leaders make informed decisions about leveraging productivity gains.

Limited Understanding of Rethinking Organisational Resources

  1. Educational Workshops on Generative AI: Host workshops led by AI experts that are tailored to the executive level, focusing on the potential of generative AI to transform business areas and how this aligns with employee skill evolution.

  2. Scenario/Simulation Planning Software: Introduce software tools that help visualise different scenarios where generative AI and human skills are integrated, showing potential outcomes and helping to shift mindsets towards more innovative thinking.

  3. Future Productivity Scaling Advocates: Establish roles within the company that advocate for innovative uses of AI and improved productivity, tasked with educating and bridging the gap between current executive understanding and cutting-edge practices.

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