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Executive Reactions To Generative AI Productivity

As a CEO, CFO, Board Member or Investor, how do you respond to rapid productivity improvements delivered across various workflows by Generative AI augmenting your team's tasks. If you release extra capacity in your current budgeted OPEX then you might be inclined to assume you could cut headcount.

But consider other possibilities...

  • How might we leverage increased employee productivity to explore new market opportunities or product expansions?

  • How might we use improvements in productivity to enhance business scalability instead of reducing workforce?

  • How might we communicate the benefits of sustained or increased headcount in light of productivity gains to executives, board members, and investors?

If any of those options resonate, then you could dive into more detail, utilising a combination of those very same GenAI tools (ChatGPTo etc):

  • Market Gap Analysis Tool: Develop an AI-driven tool that analyses current productivity data to identify market gaps and suggest potential areas for expansion that align with the company's enhanced capabilities.

  • Cross-Training Programs: Implement cross-training programs that allow employees to develop skills in different areas, preparing the workforce to pivot quickly to new products or markets as opportunities arise.

  • Innovation Incubator: Establish an internal incubator or accelerator program that encourages employees to pitch and develop new product ideas, leveraging their insights and the company’s increased capacity.

  • Employee-Led R&D Teams: Form dedicated research and development teams led by employees to explore new technologies or product enhancements, turning increased productivity into a springboard for innovation.

  • Partnership Exploration Initiative: Create a task force focused on finding strategic partners in different industries or geographical areas, aiming to leverage productivity gains into joint ventures or collaborative projects.

  • Customer Integration Labs: Set up collaborative spaces where customers can work directly with employees to co-create products, ensuring that productivity improvements are aligned with market needs.

  • Flexible Resource Pools: Utilise productivity improvements to create flexible resource pools that can be allocated to high-potential projects as they arise, ensuring that the business can capitalize on new opportunities quickly.

  • Market Trend Analysis Workshops: Regular workshops where employees analyse market trends and brainstorm adaptation strategies, fostering a culture that continuously seeks to convert productivity into growth opportunities.

  • Technology Scouting: Employ a team to scout for emerging technologies that can be integrated into the business, expanding into new areas that were previously resource-restricted.

  • Global Market Feasibility Studies: Fund comprehensive studies to assess the feasibility of entering new global markets, leveraging improved productivity to manage the complexities of international expansion.

Remember, GenAI tools are evolving, and being applied to compounding sets of capability, productivity....and future capacity still to be released.

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