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GenAI: releasing cost & reinvesting resource in the organisation

Executives, Boards and Investors have many evolving options regarding reorganising and reinvesting employees as a result of generative AI taking over more of the traditional workflow tasks, thereby releasing new capacity within the current budget.

As a leader, consider what do you already know about the impact of AI on workforce management?

You now have increased capacity (evolving/rolling) with the same cost to scale and make adjacent business model moves. Pressures from stakeholders and shareholders might push for short-term cost savings, but executives can use tools like ChatGPTo to explore more options and educate stakeholders about long-term opportunities. Consider the need for an exploration mindset among executives, boards, and investors due to the rapidly evolving nature of AI technologies and their applications.

And possibilities for reinvestment of existing resource, or perhaps that original plan for a merger or acquisition is no longer viable.

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