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The gap between strategic and tactical objectives is closing fast because of the regularity of new Generative AI (GenAI) announcements (i.e. daily).

Many people who run businesses with a lot of complex interdependencies (internal or external) are having to adjust their assumptions on the art-of-the-possible at the same daily rate. It seems ages ago that people were commenting on the utility of ChatGPT being trained only up to September '21. Then Microsoft came out with a set of announcements about its integration into Bing, Excel, Powerpoint, Wordand Teams. Then, a couple of days ago, OpenAI announced a testing program for plugins...meaning the possibility to connect ChatGPT with the internet.


OK, so what does that mean for businesses?

Essentially, it means someone else is doing a lot of the heavy lifting by providing tools that can help us all transform our businesses and public services. Now the biggest challenge is how to leverage them.

This challenge comes at us from a number of directions. Firstly, the speed of new GenAI announcements is not going to slow down. So how long do you wait before you start to capitalise on what's already flooding the market? The market being you, your customers, your partners, your competitors...and new players coming out of nowhere to seize a chunk of your business by offering a radically different (easier/cheaper) way of accessing products and services.

For me it means how to help accelerate the commercialisation of R&D, or develop useful public services out of research. In most cases, this requires the interaction of many different types of organisations from across countries. And more often than not, in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). So it's not just the science that's complex. Its the web of ever changing organisational interactions, regulation and geopolitical rivers to navigate.

Which brings us to the next challenge. Assumptions and mindsets. My P&L-wired brain tends to run on a weekly 30:30:30:10 clock. Meaning I try to allocate 30% of my time to delivery, sales and operations, and 10% to strategic planning (it rarely works out that way, of course). Now, with the flood of GenAI, and near-real time development of new use cases, I'm having to upgrade my clock speed to a daily rate.

With the horizon for new business opportunities and threats rapidly closing, we need to be able to visualise, or simulate possibilities much faster. Well, now we can. We can use these same tools to help us figure out how we can use these tools to create new business opportunities!

Simulation's been on my mind for a while, and I made a video for my YouTubechannel a couple of months back, updating my thinking based on emerging GenAIs, and the opportunity for simulating complex businesses. Both for trying to figure out risk and opportunity.

For me, visualisation is key. Words, especially corporate buzzwords, when woven together and sprayed across a Powerpoint screen with a fire hose, cause stagnation and slow things down.

This last week NVIDIA announced a new set of AI capabilities including text-to-3D generation.

Visualise this...combine this capability with ChatGPT/Excel and Business Modellingtechniques, then you take business and organisational development to the next level. Throw in some mixed reality (MR) and holographics, sugared with hapticinteraction, and then you're in Iron Man simulation territory in about a year.

Meaning, you can simulate, visualise and render new business models with all of their complex near real-time.

Pulling that horizon in closer to you.

And in case your wondering, the picture at the top of this blog was rendered by Midjourney v5 in 15 secs (Sunday morning EEST) using the natural language prompt:

"businesswoman with a ponytail sitting on edge of a mountain holding a crystal ball looking out across a deep valley with a river and forest with the sun shining and some small clouds, AR 7:4"

It's the start of another week. And it's time to Design the transformation of your business with the help of GenAI...

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