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Opportunities amok.

There's a lot of stored-up energy in organisations. Creative mindsets that have been bursting at the seams of complex structures, are finally being able to express themselves, liberated by Generative AI's.

Of course, those creative mindsets sit at all levels within an organisation. Often, even leaders higher up the ladder feel hemmed in by methods of governance that they have inherited, and measurement systems belonging to a bygone age.

But these AI's, such as ChatGPT, well, they don't distinguish between job titles or org charts. They've been unleashed on everyone. And that means that with a bit of prompt engineering practice, anyone in the team can have access to the same level of insight as the highest paid management consultants. Bad news for them. Great news for us.

That's democratisation in business.

What's going to be fascinating is watching how ideas and capabilities from across organisations can get rapidly structured in coherent ways, to uncoil the self-imposed organisational restrictions that have accrued over many years.

Management don't have the monopoly on market insight. Often it's scattered around various teams heads, suppressed by the culture or nature of the organisation's structure and system. Each node in the matrix maybe adjusting and filtering information so as to maximise their respective teams performance.

Or perhaps those golden nuggets are hidden in a dozen overlapping spreadsheets, or the obligatory 176-page Powerpoints bouncing between sales and delivery.

Now, as a leader of an organisation, you have the opportunity to harness the collective capabilities of all of your people. The question is, how to utilise the power offered by these GenAI's to drive growth for our customers, employees and stakeholders, at the same time as delivering on existing commitments?

For me it's work in progress.

I lead a team of 45 researchers, scientists, project managers and consultants, who individually, and collectively in their teams, on a daily basis, work on the cutting edge of R&D and commercialisation activities.

Whether it's Healthtech, AI, Electronics, Smart Cities or Mobility, I'm getting contacted by colleagues each day with ideas on how we can challenge old baked-in assumptions to accelerate growth by incorporating GenAI into our practices.

And it's been happening so much over the last couple of months that now I expect it.

Also, as a contributor to projects involving drone innovation and business models, I find myself liberated by integrating GenAI's into the process of ideation and running workshops with customers. I haven't seen a yellow sticky in months.

We now have the ability to compress time and cost, and increase the quality of what we build. For me, that means helping to accelerate R&D to solve critical challenges, and generate more commercial opportunities across the EU.

But that also means challenging old assumptions, and unwinding traditional organisational approaches, to be able to shoot for new horizons...

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