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Patrick Halford

Patrick Halford has 30 years leading technology and funding teams across international industries, including Healthtech, Smart Cities & Mobility, Robotics/Drones, Electronics & AI, and Defense.

He advises Boards, Investors and Leadership teams on the opportunities and risks of applying generative AI to transform their businesses through a series of workshops and advisory services.

He is a Senior Advisor with the Norwegian international organisation, Origination, working with global investors to combine blended finance and exponential technologies with global partnerships to drive transformational change and wealth creation.


He is an expert at the Singularity Group focused on the impact of GenAI on organisational productivity, as well as mobility. He is also a member of the Guest Faculty at Hanken & SSE Business School. He is on the Board of Advisors of Nordic mixed reality and drone startups, and a Senior Advisor to Nordic VCs in AI, robotics and drones. Previously he spent 20+ years leading sales & services teams at IBM.


He is a frequent international business and technology conference moderator and speaker, as well as an Amazon published author of 3 Nordic thrillers and a business book on AI and organisational impact. His weekly AI business newsletter, "AI for Orchestrators", and his YouTube channel, "The Nordic Bridge" are where you can discover his latest insights, as well as the regular Podcast he co-hosts; Leading with GenAI.

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