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Staccato style.

Because sometimes blogs can be a bit too...wordy.

When you apply Generative AI in combination with human ingenuity, you can free up a lot of capacity.

Generate content. Generate action.

Allowing teams, individuals and organisations to accomplish more.

Compressing time and cost. Unshackling revenue and margin. That's the theory.

Hanging on to old processes and practices can be a slippery slope. Remember this guy?

When you free up capacity you can apply resource to new tasks. Explore new valleys of opportunity. Faster and cheaper. Because you're using your same organisation's expertise.

But now they're augmented.

Those new capacities. You could call them percentages.

They don't all accrue at once.

But they can compound fast. If you know which levers to pull.

And you give your teams agency.

But as you augment your capabilities, you still have to deliver on existing commitments. To customers. To employees. To stakeholders.

And your not operating in a bubble. Everyone else is moving at pace.

Meaning baselines from which you measure your progress are constantly resetting.

Feedback loops. Lots of overlapping ones.

Exhibit A: This article from Sifted on the impact of AI on the mysterious world of M&A got my attention. Which led me to this Swedish company turning it upside down.

Compressing time and cost.

That's the exciting part. Spotting opportunities. Hacking out old assumptions. Building out the new.

Lots to do. Just got to make time for it.

Apparently Google has a part of the solution: Meets will now go to meetings on your behalf!

I can see it now. AIs meeting AIs. Now we can accept all those meeting requests. And outsource them. The calendar view will be a nightmare.

But we humans get more time to create.

Compressing time and cost. Increasing performance.

It's the start of another week...

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