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Proximity is everything.

And Kuopio is wired into the world of advanced research and accelerated commercial opportunities.

Exhibit A: this weeks Kuopio Health Insights 2023 conference which focused on clinical research and health data, attracted a significant international audience making the trip here to listen to, and share ideas with, top experts from Finland and around the world.

Sugared with typical North Savo hospitality, this was one of the most engaging international events I have attended in the Nordics for many years. Ideas shared, research progressed, deals done.

The confluence of international expertise combined with Kuopio Health, the University of Eastern Finland (UEF), and key local healthcare ecosystem players, act upon the collective competence to solve serious challenges. And make business too.

And regarding UEF, I have gained great insights into the practical applications of GenerativeAI (GenAI) from my conversations with researchers at the Kuopio campus.

And it's not just the significant healthcare industry that makes Kuopio so attractive to drive business and research. Venture capital, and other sources of funding, combines with SMEs and startup entrepreneurs looking to rapidly expand their activities across multiple industries.

In the Kuopio Chamber of Commerce and Business Kuopio you will be welcomed with excellent connections and insights, opening the doors to business growth.

Physical proximity also plays a big part. To the east is Joensuu, connected in via UEF. This place is photonics central, developing and spinning out beyond state-of-the-art capabilities. They build airships here too.

We only have to travel a short distance to the south of Kuopio to reach the city of Varkaus, which is the home of great industrial expertise, and the location of recent news about the development of battery manufacturing capabilities.

And a bit further to the south-west, we find the city of Jyväskylä, which hosts some of the most advanced cybersecurity ecosystem players.

So being based out of Kuopio brings you into close proximity with advanced technologies and emerging business models that are rapidly changing their respective landscapes.

Oh yeah, then there's the scenery...!

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