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Individual, team and organisational competence is the fuel that powers capabilities that need to constantly evolve, in response to the winds of Generative AI blowing through every function, across every industry.

And rustling up some new ones.

So it stands to reason that we should be applying GenAI to help our employees and teams to harness it, increasing our collective competence.

What the "it" is can be hard to define. It morphs every day, as new models and tools intersect with thousands of use cases, showering opportunists with cheap, abundant resource.

These days, there's no monopoly on opportunism and risk taking. It's no longer just the realm of the startup.

In fact, unless they have an incredible niche, then the chances are, their idea gets superseded before another AI tool comes along to automate their big dream. The good news for startups is that the amount of resources needed (people, tech & cash) is dropping fast. That's also good news for VCs and LPs. It means they can spread less of their money across more bets, to hopefully get a better return.

Meanwhile, over in the world of SMEs and Corporates, opportunity runs amok. Employees and teams are embracing GenAI's, and it's flooding the functions with new capabilities, with business model shifts rumbling under the surface like great tectonic plates waking from a long sleep.

Powering these shifts, and the responses to them, are individuals and teams, and they need to be constantly upping their competence to surf the waves of opportunity afforded by applying GenAI.

One specific area of competence development on my mind is new employeesjoining an organisation, either through recruitment, or via a merger or acquisition (M&A).

Many organisations have good programmes in place for "on-boarding" and integrating people into the business. That's critical, but often it's a bit of a one-way street.

In the last week I've been playing around with a GenAI tool called Nolej, which allows anyone to create a training course from a document, YouTube video or textual input. I tested it out and made a short vid of it here for my channel, The Nordic Bridge.

I took the URL from one of my previous videos (releasing capacity in organisations), fed it into the tool, and 1 minute later I had an entire training course, including transcript of the video, key concepts, tests and takeaways.

What struck me was the opportunity for organisations to upgrade their collective competence really fast from new employees coming in.

For example, a new team member could create a 15 minute video of their capabilities, networks and experiences. It could then be fed into a GenAI training tool, such as Nolej, to create a course on the new capabilities that have joined the company. That would then be accessible to the rest of the organisation to leverage.

If that was done at M&A scale, then boom, the combined team gets an instant upgrade that can be acted upon.

All of that content can also be repurposed and fed into other tools such as ChatGPT, or your organisations own chatbot.

In fact, repurposing is a gold mine. The original video I fed in to Nolej was based on a couple of previous LinkedIn blogs that I had fed into ChatGPT to create a YouTube script.

Talk about a circular economy!

See where this is going? How content that individuals and teams have created in the past, can be instantly enhanced with new colleagues capabilities...and repurposed to jack-up business performance. Fast.

It's the start of another week surfing the possibilities of Generative AI at organisational scale...

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